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Program Overview Integrating your values with systems and structures so you can build the business and impact you want
Program overview

What is the

Booming Collective Program?

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The Booming Collective is a business program that provides the framework and tools for you to build a profitable and sustainable business that is aligned with your vision, values, and the impact you want to create. You may choose between a cohort program or move through the modules self-directed.

Here are some of the benefits that business owners have shared after engaging with the Booming Collective program:
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Discovering possibilities that weren’t apparent before
A clear, step-by-step plan
Sustainability as you build
A livelihood created from something you love
Generate greater flow of time and money
Increased impact and expanded revenue opportunities
Personal growth and breakthroughs
Happy and energized about your today, as you work towards the future
On-going support and structure to continue the expansion of the business
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This program helps you to
Clarify and articulate the vision of your business
Determine the value proposition and articulate your core message
Know and understand your target audience and competition
Explore and understand business scalability
Understand how technology can create efficiency towards the goal and/or amplify your impact
Define or expand your revenue models
Conduct the legwork necessary for an implementation plan and go-to-market strategy

How do I

Receive Benefits and Achieve Outcomes of the Program?

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We understand you are very busy and the time and energy you invest should be meaningful for you and your business. We’ve developed a holistic and integrated set of engagement opportunities and tools, in one place, to give you all of what you need to grow a successful business.


  • Access to The Booming Model™- Methodology, which includes tools & exercises via a virtual navigator.
  • Guidance and training through the phases and steps of the process.


  • Diverse network of local and global business owners for greater learning and collaboration.
  • Access to multicultural perspectives and opportunities.

Support and Mentoring

  • Access to experienced Booming Facilitators via group work & one-on-one working sessions.
  • Weekly mastermind calls with a designated facilitator to learn skills for your business.
  • Access to individual coaching with BoominGroup consultants
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Testimonial arrowGet the Business and Life You Want
A Process based on Nature A revolutionary way to build your business. The Booming Model™ is a comprehensive and holistic approach to business that increases the rate of success for business owners by integrating business and finance skills, with personal fulfillment, and core values, with ongoing support and guidance.
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Engagement with The Booming Model™
An individual's personal growth and expansion plays a big role in the success of their business. Because of this understanding, The Booming Model™ is designed to support and advance both the person and their business.

The step-by-step process of engagement with The Booming Model™ is designed in a way that the momentum is sustained and accelerated. Resources are required to start. Once the process is started, other resources are produced. Part of the new resources are used to sustain the cycle, and others are used to expand.

The purpose of process is to provide an easy to follow cycle of creation, which is divided in four phases: Heart, Vision, Thinking and Action. Each phase consists of many steps. Each step consists of many sets of exercises.
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Connect with core values & business possibilities
Sharpen your aim & connect with the business blueprint
Business Strategy, structure and identify possible blocks
Execute & Go-to-Market
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We have more to share about this incredible process.
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Success Stories
The Booming Collective program is designed for business owners and founders who offer great products, have strong values, care about their impact on communities, and seek sustainable fulfillment for their business and self.

Our community is made of business owners who have chosen the road less traveled and taken the leap to build a business based on the core of who they are, while applying the discipline of business to grow impact, make money, and ensure the business lasts beyond themselves. Think bg text
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We look not just for jobs to be done, we are looking to create a positive impact for business and people’s lives through our products and services. The Booming Model helped us to strengthen and communicate our mission. It connected us to a whole purpose-driven community of entrepreneurs, reinforcing our human-centric vision and opening new business possibilities.
Flavio Alves
Novatics - Brazil
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One of the most important lessons I learned from my entrepreneurial journey is the importance of community. Having a group of like-minded individuals to share learnings of success and failure has helped me tremendously in times of confusion and indecisiveness. This is why I continue to take part in the Booming Community. It has become my fountain of ideas and positive energy.
Devin Wang
TAP - Japan
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I am in the business of partnerships and the Booming Model helps me to have a clear vision for how to continue to be authentic and successful in this arena. This success enables me to help some of the most disenfranchised people in the planet. In addition to this, I love my life, I love my kids, I love my wife, and I love spending time with my friends and family. This community is both friends and family for me.
Daniel Casanova
Global Partners for Development - USA
Testimonial arrowGet the Business and Life You Want

Program Value

We understand resources are valuable

Our options allow you to explore, experience and learn The Booming Model™ within your current budget, capabilities, and resources. All our community members get the same benefits, what makes the price different is the facilitated group sessions.
Basic Membership
Designed for the business owners looking for peer-to-peer support and foundational guidance as they build their business in alignment with values and culture.
1 one-on-one session for needs assessment
$50 Setup Fee*
$69 /month
Deluxe Membership
Designed for the business owner looking for in depth and ongoing guidance as they grow their business through every cycle of business development.
3 one-on-one business coaching sessions
$200 Setup Fee*
$255 /month**
BONUS: One 1-hour strategy session
* The Set Up fee will be charged at the moment your application is approved.

** Your monthly payment will start on the month that your group and one-on-one session is scheduled.
Ready to have the Business & Life You want
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What does wholeness in business look like? Build a profitable, lasting business that is aligned to your values, resources and reach. Apply for free to explore if we are a good fit.