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Business as a Natural Creation

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Business is One

Business can embrace it all

The human mind is capable of the most beautiful creative works of art, and business is one of them. It’s the root of brilliant scientific and financial theories, and the origin of innovative solutions for complicated problems. But, the mind is also caught up in separation: “Left and Right Brain!”, and unfortunately, society taught us to identify ourselves one way or the other. We believe we all as entrepreneurs are artists and business people. We need heart and structure. We need intuition and reasoning. We need vision and structure to hold it. We need wholeness. In the current business paradigm, we are taught to go one way or the other and rarely learn how to apply convergence for the benefit of the whole. We draw a new paradigm of business by exploring, creating and implementing different systems of flow which allow us to enjoy life and extend ourselves through business without becoming a slave to it. Business is natural, business is good. Through the art of business, we can create an IMPACT, be profitable, and enjoy fulfillment in entrepreneurship. We believe there are no shortcuts and why deepening our understanding of ourselves is the path to experiencing increasing joy in this entrepreneurial journey.

Group 2c
Group 2c

Our Story

The Booming Collective evolved from our common needs as Business Owners

In building our own businesses we experienced that our exciting world was also challenging, overwhelming, and isolating. We learned that innovation and creativity are needed, but won’t go anywhere without the structure and system to maintain them. We learned that building business skills is just as important as building ourselves. We experienced that our personal growth, drives the growth of our business. We realized that the connection to the Heart is vital to every step of our own journey. We’ve spent many years studying the underlying causes of common challenges, roadblocks, fears and “pain points” that arise from the courageous leap to entrepreneurship. We also studied how we can create structures that naturally reflect the natural flow of people and business. We’ve implemented our research, experiences, tools and data into The Booming Model™, a unique roadmap to financial flow, personal growth, and happiness, the cornerstone of The Booming Collective experience.

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Our Value

The experience of wholeness through Business

We provide a unique framework for you to find synergy between all aspects of your life and business so you experience real freedom. Engagement with The Booming Model™ includes exercises on our platform, group work, a professional network, and individual consultations. You will also learn the basics around money and business skills, while integrating connection to the heart, personal fulfillment, core values, mindset and environment into the process of building your business. You will get access to a range of discounted products and services to support your business, wellness, and personal development. The result is a comprehensive and holistic approach to entrepreneurship that increases the rate of success for both you and your business.

Group 4c
Group 4c

Community: A unified body of individuals

We share a common history, purpose, and social and economic interest

We joined forces to create a new paradigm in business – one that contributes to the joy, wellness, and progress of humanity while also taking great care of the earth. We are a group of people who continue to build businesses from our heart to extend out into the world as a force for good. Each of us can create the business we want, that regardless of the industry, is born from love and purpose. The collective and unified power of people globally, building and contributing to these types of businesses will create a new paradigm for life on earth that restores sanity in our society, and leads to a quantum leap for humanity.

Diverse and Multi-Local Each of us is unique, and at the same time we are all the same We’re a band of creatives, bankers, geeks, athletes and adventurers from anywhere between The Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia committed to exploring and learning. We’re from all walks of life and schools of thought joining forces to build a new era of business.
“We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.”
Josefa Iloilo
Team katherine KATHERINE SILVEIRA Colombia
Team anna ANNA AGUILA Philippenes + USA
Team eric ERIC REMER USA: California
Team mj MJ SANDOVAL Guatemala
Walking the Walk Our Teachers never stopped being Students Our program facilitators are entrepreneurs who are committed to facilitate a process for others, that they have gone through themselves.
“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
Eric Hoffer
Team katherine KATHERINE SILVEIRA Business Strategy + Operations
Mike MIKE GIOTIS Culture + Systems
Loren LOREN HADASSAH Human Development
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